Some Fine Photographers Have Helped To Tell Our Story

Although Sandy White, your host, once was a photo editor and was privileged to work with some extraordinary and prize-winning photojournalists, their skills didn't much rub off, so her photos on this site are supplemented by the work of some real professionals.

Thus, we give them credit:

John Greilick

This Detroit News photographer is more comfortable shooting sports and news events, I imagine, but he found some great angles to depict the experience of staying at Sandy Cottage and Adventure Inn. Many of the beach and sunrise images are his.

Sheila Springsteen

In the photo above, that's Sheila Springsteen walking on our beach with her husband, John Greilick. What they recognized in setting up the shot on a windy September day is how well it depicts the romance of walking along a Great Lakes beach that you have all to yourselves. Sheila is an award-winning photographer who teaches photojournalism at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.

Ryan Young

Ryan was a guest from Canada staying at Adventure Inn when he made the iconic Home page image of two Adirondack chairs positioned, as they always are, to offer a panoramic view of Lake Huron. We can never thank him enough for giving us the rights to use the photo.

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